<aside> 👀 I’m a high school student, moderator, and full-stack developer from Canada!


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About Me

I’m a high school student from British Columbia, Canada.

Currently, I’m focused on simplifying the life of Discord server moderators and Administrators through my simplistic moderation bot, Circle.

Off of Discord, I’m a Supervisor and training manager at a Canadian coffee & donut chain, Tim Hortons. At Tim’s, I oversee our team, ensure standards are being met, and more recently, I took over the entire training and onboarding program at my location.

My Projects

This is a non-exhaustive list of my major projects. Smaller projects, commission work, and previous projects aren’t listed here.

Currently working on...

Skills & Interests

Moderation & Management

I’ve been in the Discord moderation landscape since mid-2017. Since then, I’ve moderated and managed 40+ servers ranging from 20-200,000 members.

I’m a skilled team leader / manager. I’ve gained these skills from my time on Discord as well as from my real-life job, where I am the youngest member of the management team.


I’ve created dozens of different projects, ranging from backend APIs that handle hundreds of requests per-second, websites, to Discord bots used by thousands of people.

Contact Me

I check my Discord and Twitter DMs most regularly!

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Please don’t contact me to appeal your ban from a specific community, follow the proper appeal links.

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